Studio Policy

Taylor Studio Policy

Taylor Studio Teaching Policy 2016 – 2017

Payment options:

1) Pay for the entire month’s lessons at the beginning of the month, at the first lesson of the month.

2) Pay per lesson.

Receiving payment at the beginning of the month is preferable, but either option is acceptable. Please make payments by cash, check, or by PayPal (to

(If you are a Take Lessons student, continue your payment as usual).

Late Fees: Lessons for one month should be paid before the conclusion of that month. If the monthly fee is not paid in full by the last lesson of the month, an extra $10 will be charged for each lesson that is given beyond the due date until payment is received.

Missed Lessons: There are two types of missed lessons – excused and unexcused. An excused absence includes the following: any lesson that is cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson (as long as we are contacted directly) or in the event of an emergency. An excused absence results in a make-up lesson free of charge, or credit towards a lesson the following month. An unexcused absence is a lesson that is missed with no warning, or any notification that is given less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. No credit will be given for unexcused absences; the normal lesson fee will still be charged for that lesson. 

Parent Involvement: We highly recommend that parents of students ages 4 – 8 consider sitting in on their child’s private lessons. Many younger students will need extra help with remembering certain things, practicing at home, and some may simply feel more comfortable with a parent in the room. Parents may feel free to sit in, or discuss the necessity of this with us as their child progresses and becomes more comfortable and independent in lessons.

Recitals: There will be 1-2 recitals for student performance opportunities during the academic year. Recitals are not mandatory, though participation is strongly encouraged! Playing in a recital is a great opportunity to gain experience playing for others, and is an enjoyable time for students, family, and friends who attend.

Materials: Students should bring their instrument, rosin, music, and a notebook to each lesson.


  • Fingernail length: Practicing and playing the violin requires that nails on the left hand be clipped so that the nail is flush with the finger. Short nails are necessary for students to play with proper technique – and your strings will last longer, too!
  • Distractions: We ask that parents who sit in on lessons refrain from making phone calls during the lesson. Younger siblings are welcome to observe the lesson if they are able to sit quietly – otherwise, we ask that younger siblings be absent from the lesson time. Parents and young siblings are welcome to wait in the living room until the lesson is over.
  • Food/Gum: Eating or chewing gum is almost impossible while playing the violin with correct technique – we ask that you take a break from these things during your lesson!


If you have any questions about the policies or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to be working with your children!

Julian and Marilyn Taylor; 216.767.6133; 216.200.9143