When should my child begin violin lessons?

There is no perfect or correct age to begin violin lessons. Many children are able to focus during a 30-minute lesson, while others may need to build up their concentration before starting. Starting violin lessons is great if your child is able to take in information and pay attention during the lesson and at-home practice time. 

Do you teach adults?

I teach beginning and intermediate level violin students from ages 5 and up. I enjoy teaching students of all ages! 

How often should my child practice?

Practice smart, not hard! In order to have success with violin lessons, your child must practice in between lessons. Many children have trouble practicing for chunks of time over 10 or 15 minutes, but that is ok! It is generally better to do 10 or 15 minutes each day than to practice an hour one day a week. Many parents find it helpful to create a special time each day (or on certain days of the week) for practicing, just like homework or baseball practice. This way your child knows that practice is part of their day, and will not be surprised or upset if you suggest it when they are not willing!

How can I get my child to practice more?

Younger students often respond well to sticker charts and other small rewards for a good week of practicing. Make a chart with a practice goal for the week. Slightly older children may benefit from a practice timer so they know when the time has started, and when it is ok to end. It is also helpful to make practicing a part of their daily routine, just like homework and sports. When I was younger, my mom helped me create some fun ways to practice. These included drawing the names of review pieces from a hat, making a spinning chart with the names of the things I needed to practice and spinning to see what to play next, and setting tiny goals within the practice time, like trying to play certain tricky part 3 times in a row. 

How often will lessons happen, and how long are they?

Typically lessons happen once a week for 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals. I recommend having 30 minute weekly lessons for beginner and intermediate students. Some intermediate students may want to increase their lesson time to 45 or 60 minutes depending on their ability to concentrate, and the level and amount of music they are learning. 

Do you still teach on snow days?

I teach from my home studio, so I do teach on snow days! If you have an issue driving to the studio, or you are not able to come because of school closings, etc. notify me via text, call, or email as soon as you can. As always, use your best judgement when driving on the icy roads in Cleveland! 

Should I rent or purchase and instrument for my child?

If your child is a young beginner, I would absolutely recommend renting an instrument. Full size violins are obviously too large for many beginning students, so smaller sized instruments are used for most students under age 12. If your child continues to play the violin and eventually reaches a full size instrument, you can think about purchasing one. If you begin by purchasing instruments, each time your child grows, you will need to purchase yet another violin. This can get just as expensive as renting, and if something happens to your purchased instrument, you are in charge of the maintenance fee. Most rental shops have great customer service and will do minor repairs on an instrument while it is in your care. This makes the monthly rental fee worth it – you never know what strange accidents will happen when a 5 year old is holding a violin! In addition, most rental shops have a rent to own plan – this means that the money you pay in rent for the instrument can then be put towards purchasing an instrument from that shop once your child is ready to own their own violin. 

Can I sit in on my child’s lesson?

Yes, in fact, I encourage parents to sit in on their child’s lessons, especially if they are between the ages of 5 and 8. Younger children often need extra help remembering what to practice during the week, and parents who sit in on lessons are more able to assist with practicing at home. 

What is your lesson rate?

My rate is $25/half hour or $50/hour.

Where will lessons take place? Can I have lessons at my home?

Lessons will take place in my home studio in Cleveland Heights. Because I teach many students from my home, I am unable to travel to teach at other locations. In my personal experience, I have also found that students who come to my home studio for lessons generally have a greater attention span and better focus than those who have lessons in their own homes. 

Do you have performance opportunities?

Yes! My husband and I have a joint recital at least once a year for our students to play for each other and their friends and families. Recitals are not mandatory, but students are highly encouraged to perform. This is a great opportunity for students to share their hard work and talents with others. These recitals are often under an hour, and take place in the Cleveland area.

Do you offer group lessons?

How should I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please do so at least 24 hours before your next lesson time. Excused absences (sickness, emergency situations) will result in a makeup lesson or a lesson credit the following month. Lessons that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will not be made up. (See more information on this policy under Teaching > Studio Policy).